Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Freedom of Speech.

Freedom of speech whether you are talking or going to teach, it's freedom of speech to the strong and weak.
But does everyone used it the right way, and do these individuals carry hearts that care?
Do they used it for a true cause, or they just want to put individuals in a small room with four walls?
Freedom of speech is an open voice, that shouldn't make no selfish noise. 
It's wares should be always polite,as to never want to fight.
And with no discrepancy of noise, as it should have the eloquence of voice.
Freedom of speech is here to teach others the right way to go, as words are duplicated and described for everyone to understand and know.
It's a way that others get to understand, each and every brother man.
But you must always remember to know the trust in a voice,and if it's just around to make ignorant noise.
Know the heart behind the tongue,and if there is a soul true love song.
Always understand the plight, if the voice is for peace or just war for a fight.
Yes! Freedom of Speech is here to reach and teach but some don't try to understand, when they are guided by a truthful hand.
Some run to the noise and the arrogant ways of many with a false voice.
And get stick in a web that only manipulates their heads.
I've seen so many at this task but you know what? It never last.
As the freedom of speech of their voice,was always about making a deceitful noise.
And around here it can not play, when there is True light to show up a dark way.
As the dark ways always has to go,when Truths of Light puts it on show.
To show everyone that Yes! Freedom of Speech is here to teach but it's always about the voice that one listens to.
And if it's a voice with wares and cares that will always help you?
Or if it's an arrogent voice that plays a part to try to hurt individuals with fake leaders at the realm, that want people to when they take part to control them.
So you see freedom of speech is here to teach but individuals must always understand, the man or woman that is making the stand.
And what is behind the voice,if it's an entity that wants to bring description and noise.
Conscious awareness is good tools to have,to know the rights and wrongs ,and the fake leaders singing the "I Promise to Give You! Sweet bitter songs.
Yes! The ones that tries to manipulate mankind, that has alien entities always hiding and standing sideline.
To help create they ways,so on earth they will get to stay.
To divert mankind from their place,and try to destroy them like garbage is thrown to waste.
Mankind wake up from your unconscious sleep and see the light and know why it's here, shinning brighter to light your way.

Earth as we know it -Seeing the signs and Knowing the signs.

So much is happening in this world called earth and yes some may have noticed while others' on the other hand is caught up in the world of materialistic ways and order.
The earth's core is thinning and yes scientists around the world may or may not know the caused.
And what I can tell you is that Mother Earth as we know it is a dying planet.
What scientists must understand is that all planets die off some are reborned and some are not.
The signs of dead animals,birds and fish dying and yes seaweed washing up on shores nation wide are signs to alert mankind of earth's dying needs.
The sea weed can be used for beneficial benefits but the dying animals and others can not.
The earth's atmospherical lining is also thinning by the hour which is allowing extraterrestrial entities to gain access to earth as we know it and yes it's people.
Underwater earthquakes are hitting the richter scales by the second which shows signs of earth's magnetic disruption and tears. 
Scientists around the world seemed to be confused by such events' but it not only calls for intelligence to understand earth,it also calls for wisdom ,knowledge and understanding which few have adapted.
As there is no caused for panic as things are going to play out the way they were planned.
It's just a matter of mankind seeing the signs,know the signs and put things in order and place.

Threat or Treat?

Sargassum Seaweed- The multitude of it's existence has come into play on the shorelines of islands worldwide.
The mass destruction of this seaweed washing up on island's shorelines and land mass at an disturbing rate signifies an element disruption under the sea level.
An immune deficiency of the water and ocean that's killing off this seaweed at a tremendous rate.
Scientists and others are baffled and confused about this mass disposition of seaweed and they are yet to find answers about this burst of alignment of the shorelines.
And what other's are looking at and clarifying as a "Threat" could be a "Treat"for others.
We all know that seaweed has it's healthy benefits  of usage and with this mass showing up and disposition of this seaweed one can but only dip into this natural resource as to find a way to neutralized it's benefits as to gain an exposure to it's usage.
Sargassum Seaweed has benefits that can be tooled into workmanship and all it takes is a wise person with wise thinking of the sort to put this natural resource into productivity and gained access to a new fundamental resource of a natural element and it's benefits.
A "Threat or Treat" Mankind always looks at things the negative way they always seemed to adapt a negative way of thinking and a caused for everything.
And if they would sometimes look through the positive eyes of thinking they will see that Yes! Everything happens for a reason and Yes! Somethings they think as bad can be turned around to be used for good to be used to benefit others in a good way.
And as the Sargassum Seaweed episode continues a rich natural resource is being channel and thrown away because mankind is not wise enough to see the true benefits of it's cause as to understand the alignment of this natural resource on their shorelines or don't know how to put it into production usage for a cause to benefit others.
Scientists,researchers and others need to understand and know that when processed the right way Sargassum seaweed can be used as a soil filter.

Social Media Mixed With Fraudulent Procedures

Scams are happening all over the world in all areas and this aspect of devious deception needs to be eradicated as it's causing a bending and destroying effect in innocent individuals lives as the innocent is being victimized in deceiving ways to give up their hard earn cash ,savings and processions.
For instants yes we know of scams all over the world in ways so numerous to mentioned,identity theft and yes now added to the equation is "Romance Dating Scams".Hmmm Where does it end Seriously?
I'm a writer yes and I look and searched out areas of environments where I can plant myself and analyzed situations as to experienced the ills of the elements of deceiving effects and ways.
Social media has now become a play ground for the wolves in sheep's clothing as scam artists is now bombarding these kinds of media avenues as a way to lure innocent youth,girls and women on paths of betrayal and deceit.
Imagine the innocent going to social media sites to associate and find new friends,follow new cultures and for correspondence and instead they are getting "Romance Dating Scam Works in the making.
The intriguing and manipulating deceptive part about it is the way these individuals of scams can go and gain entry to these sites to put up their web of deceptions so easily.
As to go about altering innocent victims identity by pretending to be the said person in these pictures.
Just pretending to be someone they are not with with a confusion of description and fraud.
Scam work in motion which takes and puts identity theft at a high.
On these sites I've also noticed that the individuals behind the scams tries to introduced them selves as mere widowers who had just or past lost a loved one and also they tend not to be able to find or be able to access a web cam of any kind for viewing of them selves.
The main fact that these individuals can't access a cam in these days of high technology and with the work of occupations that some of them claimed to have is appalling and in wide areas and span of technology this should give anyone a red light as to indicate that something is not right some where.
Some of these fraudulent individuals so often profess love to their victims like it's going out of style.
But do they know the true essence of meaning of love?And yes the innocent should always know the true essence and elemental feel of love.
Marriage proposals is not limited as these fraudulent individuals find all ways of trying to marry off the innocent victims as soon as possible with a range of deception lingering.
Anyone with an eyes for detail and a brain will automatically see,know ,noticed and pined point in some way ,shape or form the unavailability of these fraudulent individuals to procedures inadequate information or should noticed the constant way that these individuals depicts themselves work wise,family wise,confessing constant love and being able to produce information so speedily.
The coping and pasting of words in forms of poetry,text and personal description should be a red light to their deceptive ways.
Wanting to marry off their innocent victims,believed me it's not as easy as that.
And these single women and girls need to know this as to keep themselves from being targeted by these fraudulent individuals.
As some tend to bring out everything they've got just to lure and enticed their victims into thinking of prince charming's,true love,large living,a future,travel and wealth.
 And behind the deception is just a way to work themselves into their innocent victim's lives,homes,bank accounts and personal information.
 As innocent victims are asked to collect some kind of package pending which is by the way a bigger deception in a way to get the innocent victims money or personal information.
Ladies there are no parcels to collect no brief cases no boxes and if they are most likely they will be empty or stuff with useless effects,these are just ways to manipulate the victims thinking into the deception.
Also the way that these men are pretending to be part of the military services is appalling and unbelievable as they are pushing all kinds of photos of military staff out there to capture their innocent victims.
As they state to their victims"keep this a secret"or "Don't show anyone these photos".
Seriously? Hmm secrecy and deception? Yes both.
As any individual with brains and an eye for detail will realized off hand as to noticed how these fraudulent individuals is able to manipulate photos of the innocent that look closest to someone in a picture of their usage as to make it seemed and looked like the same individual but in different stages of their lives,events or areas.
A camouflaging of deceit in deception and it needs to be stamped out.
Also individuals need to noticed the deception of camouflaging and all the red lights that go off with these fraudulent individuals.

The Corrupt World That We live In.

The need for a truthful ,serious,no nonsense and adherent alliance of institution is much needed to stamp out corruption in areas pending.
As corruption not only hurts businesses,revenues and other it also hurts the innocent Yes! the people of the country.
A no nonsense institute of alliance is much needed in areas of government services, public sector and other places.

These individuals get put in governmental power and don't have a clue about anything, they just get directed by so many and their hearts are never truly in it they just don't know about wining.

Or willing to help the states, Islands and counties with the people that voted for them to sit in a seat, and all that happens is the same people that got them in just constantly get mistreat. 
I've  noticed how fast government leaders tend to complain about money ,resources and revenues but are they really looking into the cause and the discrepancies pending?

No! They are just turning a blind eye on the situations for they own selfishness of gaining. 
For instance materials and other find themselves gaining entry into nations and the question I am asking is, are these materials etc being paid for and are going through the relevant procedures and hands of documentations? Or is someone's bank account being upgraded?
I don't think that some of these unquestionable materials and other fly by themselves into nations ,Do you?As someone some where has to let them in.
So why the foolish, ignorant and dumb founded way of trying, to direct the truthful aspects into something that it is not? Who are you think you are fooling ? 
I always say "Why question revenue and resources when you can question the people behind the scenes".
Revenues isn't going to grow unless there is a steady and sturdy influx of input of growth from subsidiaries pending.
There need to be someone with a keen eye for governmental issues and a heart for the people.
This leader complains and that leader complains but what are they really complaining about?
When in fact the issues of disturbances lays no other place than with them the leaders ,governments and the institutions.
Why complain? Don't you think that you should look into the matters pending instead of crying wolf? When in fact the wolf is you the leaders,governments and your institutions?

Governmental leaders complained constantly that they states don't have any money, but yet you can find them building unnecessary government buildings and buying expensive vehicles to carry they cold hearted bodies.

Why are governmental bodies selling out their states, Islands and countries, why do they build buildings of no significance when they can build to accomodate the helpless people that can not get help from any body.

The people that so ignorantly put them in high seat, to get the same ignorant treatment that continously repeat.

States, Islands and countries should not be desolate and eroding, when they have much natural resources to keep themselves up and growing.

Why take the bread out of the people's mouths and give it away, why remove the substances from the places it is meant to stay?


Space and it's surrounding planets seemed to be so intriguing to mankind as each and everyday some new planetary star seems to hit the radar.
But what is space and what is out there?What is out there is a mass of energy,of life and it's orbiting planetary features.
Scientists continues to scratch their heads as to try to figure out the authenticity of space,the galaxies,stars and life out in a vast world of extremities.
But what if there was someone with the answers?What if there was someone on earth that knows the wonders and secrets that space hides?What if?
You know to understand space and it's governing body one must have lived in it to understand it.
With black holes of deviance and the speed of light which varies depending on it's automatisms speed and clarity.
Quantum gravity seems to be a head scratcher for scientists ,but what I can say is this.
Quantum gravity is a mechanism field that makes it easy to maneuver,hover and remained stable in space.
And as far as the cosmos,the cosmos is built up of manufactured materials from orbiting planets and stars the cosmos varies in areas of view.
And for all those with the question "Is there life out therein space?Well there is a multitude of life out there in space,some here,some visiting,some in residence ,some in hiding and some now discovering Earth the blue planet.
What if someone had all the answers ?What if?