Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Time to Release Unwanted Ways / Wares.

Everyone today's article is going to be different as it's a conversation I had minutes ago with an acquaintance on the Island and Yes! The conversation was okayed for an article.
It's going to be a chat post as I'm going to put it as it was conversationilized.
The conversation begins....
Acquaintance... "What are you giving up?
Myself... ? 
Acquaintance... "For Lent?
Myself..."What are you giving up?
Acquaintance..." Soft drinks and junk food as I can".
And believed you me this answer really put me in the mood.
As I was about to put the answers to the questions in place, of what does Lent event has to do with taking in waste?
Myself... " Well I'm not into the lent escapade never was".
Myself... "Something that I Love hmm! Well I know it's ridiculous because individuals need to know the difference between like and love to understand the significance of their ways".
Acquaintance... " Perhaps it's a useful exercise if you have something to prove".
Myself... " What they really want to give up is mere addictions,addictions for material wears etc".
That is not what Lent is about and individuals has been brain washed into thinking that Lent is about giving up an addiction or idolatry".
Acquaintance... "It's a period of adjustment I think it's a good excuse to loose weight lol ".
Myself... "As for the fasting no one should be programmed to fast as fasting is a natural thing that comes in spiritually, not a man made button of a day or days when pushed lent isn't what it's described to be".
Acquaintance... "I would rather give up something for forty days than forever".
Myself... "Hmm! So what is the sense of Lent fooling yourself for forty days?
Acquaintance... " For the rest of the year when I eat bad things and this is something I try to stick to".
Myself... "You see that is why I don't follow trends or every man made event of ways because it's so brainwashing and ignorant without the relevant meaning and still doesn't make sense".
"Eating healthy is something you can do anytime when desired to".
Acquaintance... " That is true!I just need that extra push".
Myself... "Following a day or days made by man to try to play a silly game of "letting go" something that will be dormant for a few days is totally ignorant".
"As after the days are up what then back to the same regime? Ignorance at it's best!
Acquaintance... "Sorry you feel that way!
Myself... " I don't feel this way I know and can see the way that is why I speak this way, I'm very spiritual as you know and I know the difference between what is and what isn't".
Acquaintance... " "And I can see that way to".
Myself... "And still want to follow a way that is false what sense is that?
Acquaintance..." It's not false I'm trying!
Myself..." Trying? All you need is Determination Strength Obedience and the Willingness to stick to your means hmm!
Myself... " As for lent I don't have to wait on a day called lent to give up anything in life,I know how to make decision that will benefit a cause of me going forward in life.
"Having or doing something that isn't beneficial to my life health or ways of living and I act accordingly".
" As a young woman I used to go to the club to pleased others,when my son came I had the matured and truthful mentality to know that I'm a mother now and I will have to change up my way of living to accommodate my son's arrival and I did in a way my son help mature me also :)
Acquaintance... " Of course you are a good mother! 
Myself ... " And it didn't take me lent to make that decision, it came from my heart knowing the best and right thing to do".
Acquaintance... " Okay it's not a life changing thing lent".
Myself... " As to this day I still have that way,the partying wasn't an addiction but I had it under control to will myself to do the right thing.
" This lent is just a mind playing games of events for individuals".
Acquaintance... " Yes! Of course I can do nothing for lent".
Myself..."You don't have to do anything for lent you can do whatever you have to do to improve you and that doesn't have to be the month of lent,it's any day you desire to make the change for you".
Acquaintance... "Agreed!
Myself... "Yes! A willingness to change".
Myself ... "Well you know this is something that individuals need to read and it's going to blog Thanks to you and our conversational direction passage".
You know mankind has now become "Time Events Altered and by the pushed of a man made event button they react ,and this is a lying deception and that's a fact.
Individuals hardly seems to follow a truthful heart, they just hear of a man made event of way and they eagerly take part.
They never asked questions of "What is this about? They just jump and and run all about.
And it's really sad to see the way they are pulled like puppets on world's strings, with every man made false events of time of days that a manipulating world clock brings.
With stop and go timer clocks that makes them run walk shut up or sing.
Well that is the end of the chat post as the chat went into a different topic of preparation for Roti and that is another blog :)

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