Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Crazy side of " A Christmas".

     Is this a Merry Christmas or a Crazy Christmas? With the craziness that looms in the air when A Christmas Day is near.
Has anyone questioned themselves about this world of wayward way ?
The cause the hurrying around the crazy fast talking and the running about?
And with the advertising of crazy count downs that continue to put individuals in a crazy pace, just look around and you will see these individuals running all over the with  crazy looks on their face.
As all the advertising just put them in a crazy hype, and these individuals just want to buy or get everything in their sight.  
Looking and picking up gifts on a list and your emotions and words of" I cant take this list! hmm!
Is this Christ Christmas or is it a crazy merchandising crazy way,that puts a spending burden on individuals that participate in it's ways.
Just look around as almost every one is shopping around , with faces all fixed in funny gestures of inter mix.
A look of gloom with confusion and a no patient attitude and out of some mouths never a word of I thank you!
The up and down the crazy running around with hearts beating at a crazy pace, looking for merchandise that carry no cares . 
Hmm ! Just look and see the way individuals run around shopping on a day with much anxiety of non Christ ways,with disturbs looks of confusion always on their face.
The intrigue of what this day is supposed to represent as to mean, is not what Christ is about and this I have seen.
And some individuals don't want to venture out, because of all the craziness all about. 
You know! It's just a parade of useless wares that merchants want to get out of their way.
It's a end of year day for making money and merchants know this for a fact, and they put heavy burdens on individuals that already has burdens on their backs.
I'm here at work writing this blog and an acquaintance just came in the store,and her words is "This Christmas I can not take it anymore,I am so frustrated with these crowds and all the running around ,I don't like this Christmas day and it should never come around ".
The perfect confirmation for what I'm writing about :) as on the outside the voices of individuals seems always to shout. 
Hmm!  Now does that sound like a Christ Day and way? A Christmas and how everyone wants to describe Christ's birth of way?
Certainly not! not even by a long shot,as this day does not in no way represent Christ like ways with authentic cares.
With individuals cussing of mouth and all the bad behavior of ways,is this what A Christ Christmas is about and do these attitudes represent Christ ways?

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