Almost everyone is doing the "Tis the season' and me I like to be different so I'm doing it the truthful and loving way.
It's not about this season it's about all seasons Summer Winter Spring and Fall, it's being happy aware and show care to all.
This is the seasons to be happy aware and care, not to be selfish or arrogant but to individuals show much Love and be willing to share.
There are individuals that need help everywhere the ones that has fallen to the ground,and stayed there for so very long.
It's about you doing something good each day of each seasonal year, as you help yourself and others in your way.
It's time to reflect on life and let the experiences you had lead you into a strong standing of good.
It's not about strife, anger,selfishness or envy and crying about things you couldn't have or could.
It's the time to embrace man as one and try with everyone as to always get along.
The time to forgive and let the bad ways dissolved in the past, and to be always contented with what ever you have.
To breathe be happy loving smile and walk in a positive stance, and as for gossip, envy, and strife don't even give them a first glance.
It's the time to throw out the old, and all the ways that had you stuck in time embraced each positive voice with much empowerment that you are being told.
Always with the new embraced with righteous works and not meaningless limes, and paused that only waste precious time,always be light and let your inner being shine.
It's time for mankind to be consciously awake,and be empowered as to be fully aware.
You see ! It is the truth of a revolution stance, with positive aspects of Love a full unity of balance.
Love you and you will know for sure that you can Love others everywhere, as it's a heart soul of all positive wares.
In life never stress because you haven't gotten what you may think is for you, as all the stressing only makes one blue.
Always remember that things happen for a reason and what you didn't get always know that there are other days and other seasons :)
So this season be happy enjoy life and breathe with the breath of precious life that you have inside, be consciously aware and let your heart of soul heal your  twisting minds.
You have life that you  have been given, and you are still alive, and there is never anything that you think you are missing.