Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Why Prejudice?

Some individuals in society ,in this world called "Mankind" always seems to be trying to alter and manipulate things as to make them seemed to be what they are not meant to be.
"Prejudice is around Yes! But it defers,as "Prejudice seemed to be directed as of and for all bias intent.
An individual being aware of something that's not right,that doesn't sound right or feels right in their inner being is not "Prejudice" but only means of awakening,a discernment, the understanding to know what is right and what is wrong.
For example "A man or woman walking a field knowing it has the danger of a well to fall into ,would divert to another safe passage".
Are they being prejudice of the field? And I know some ignorant individual or individuals will question their decision to make it seemed prejudice.
But on the right hand and with the right mentality of someone who is awaken prejudice doesn't apply here,it's just the basis of one knowing not to endanger one's self and being aware.
The monopoly of ignorance that is swirling in this world amongst and with mankind is overwhelming.
As anyone that's aware,conscious and discerning of anything bad whether it's a situation,place or other should not be titled of being"Prejudice" and as I said it's just "The knowing of discernment of being aware".
Some individuals in society likes to put words in context and embodied in and around them meanings to disturb function amongst each other ,and it's a manipulating and lying way.
Mankind's methods always seems to be putting a block in their own paths,as some of them tend to block out the truth and embraced the lies.
With all types of manipulating ways of passages that puts some in bewildered state of minds.
The conscious of awakers always know these errors and they will never participate.
Also anyone who looks at another,they own fellow man and dislikes his or her authenticity whereas the color of their skin,their looks etc is what is called ignorant and bewildered with much foolish greedy intent and much pride.
And mankind needs to know that "Pride is the downfall of mankind".
Mankind is built up on all types of nationalities spread all over the world,and just like a fish with scales ,gills and fins to swim in water and breathe so does mankind's authenticity varies to different kinds of locations.
You can't put a fish to live on land unless you make the necessary accolades for it's environment to make adapt to it's way of living.
Well so it goes with mankind as their skin color allows them to adapt to their environment,the one chosen for them.
If you look closely you will noticed that those living in heated tropical environment where the sun always shines ,have a more deeper color tone.
As this deeper color tone allows them to be able to with stand their environments.
If those individuals leave their climate and go to another they will get lighter in complexions because their bodies will align with the climate of environment.
And so it goes with someone with lighter skin ,as in sunny environments their skin will burn ,peel and tear because their bodies are accustomed to their own environments.
Mankind's authenticity adapts to longitudes',latitudes' and environmental alignments.
And individuals skin color or look should not be of no bias content because they are just the way they should be,built up the same and Yes! Bleed the same red blood.
And anyone that questions and individuals of different color or look etc is merely coming against and opposing God's ways of creation.
Mankind use words but never seemed to be able or don't want to put them into their right content.
And as long as they continue to do that they will always be a stir of disruptions amongst themselves.
As more needs to know the difference Yes! The sleepers of unconscious ones need to be awaken.

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