Friday, 3 March 2017

Businesses Why So Low Hourly Pay?-Thinking Dollars Or Cents? #GetSense

In an arena of businesses all over the world you will find businesses at every corner of town or other and when you see businesses you will definitely see employees of staff.

Some who are adequate, responsible and hardworking while others are slow, lazy, waste much time, not doing nothing but talking and texting.

Dollars Or Cents? -#GetSense

And all those of hardworking ways, why do they have to carry home every day, week or month a low hourly pay of salary for hard working days as they continue to get a small pay of salary per hour each day?

Why is the hourly rate pf payment so low, when most of the employee have to catch two sets of vehicles to get around as they go, up down to and fro?

As half their salary is almost gone from traveling out of what from you, they are owed.

Everything in business is evolving and some hourly salaries still remain the same.

This is bare slavery with much greed of selfishness on some employers part and Yes! A real shame.

Businesses are making thousands of dollars each day but yet they complain and always say that they are not making anything, and try to come up with unusual ways of planning.

Just to keep individual's salary low, and the rest of the money for the employer will go to self or a bank account over some other shore.

Why can't some employers look and see the hard work that some individuals put in, and stop focusing on keeping low payment on employees it is a greedy and selfish sin.

In these days of some individuals having so much to do each of them tries day by day to help their families and themselves out, and Yes! Being employed and independent is always a good way to start out.

But at some businesses, the low hourly rate of pay can not do much for a hard working man or woman that has a family, or a young man or woman that want to continue their education with studies.

$6. 00-$8. 00 an hour for some individuals can not make it, and most of the time before they get their salary in hand it's gone and they can not even save it.

These kinds of salaries in these days can not feed a family when bills have to pay, food needs to be bought to feed each one day by day.

And what about the transportation that some have to get a train, bus, or cabbie and with all the traveling they really need a higher salary.

Business owners really need to consider some of these hourly rates of salaries, that they are giving some of their best hard working employees.

Think about the hard work they do, to help your business achieve and grow as it gets through.

Think about the distance some go, to get to work for an early show.

Think about the husbands, families, and wives that some individuals work for, think about the low hourly salaries that they work hard for every day and you will see that it does not represent or show how they work hard hourly.

Leaders of man's laws always talking about raising this and that, and yet no one is talking about raising individual's salaries, they are raising aspects of ways with procedures that never help anybody.

Imagine matured men and women going home with kid's salary, wages of pay that just looks like it could just buy sweets and candy for everybody.


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