Thursday, 14 April 2016

What Suit Do You Wear?

This article was given to me when I experience some very arrogant and dark attitudes of some individuals and when I asked Father why they are consistently that way this is what Father reminded me of.
What suit do you wear? A parent's seed, to love and help individuals in need?
Or a devious suit of wear to never participate and show care?
Is it a dark cold heart with noise or a white suit with a true love way and poise?
As long as you belong to the body of Christ your documentation will represent you to be always about genuine love of wears.
As your destiny's purpose will always align and lead you on paths with truthfulness of much cares.
As I said before it will be something that you love to do in heart and soul that makes your insides smile and sing.
Yes! A genuine truthful love of way is all that a true heart of soul bring.
It will be a way or a job that embraces love and care, that your heart is so bent on doing as you help and make individuals aware.
As long as you have a pure genuine heart with a soul of truths your job aspect of way will always identify you.
It could be a heart that helps the needy,one that loves to make sad individuals happy.
A guide to a true directional way making individuals see truth, a true humanitarian and not a person that is uncouth.
Letting individuals know that true love is about caring for the kids and the weak, and making sure they are happy and safe and tuck in a warm bed to sleep.
You see! A truthful way always carry much care, and it's always about helping someone along the way.
Making them smile,show truths and showing up the lies.
Showing individuals how to decently dress, and not to be naked to exposed and empress.
It's as easy as ABC and when individuals get consciously aware and awake, they will see that it's like gaining a slice from a delicious beautiful cake.
You know if your Father and Creator is of Love of wears then from you love will always flow in ways.
And if your Father is the devil with envy greed fear and selfishness with never a notion of care.
It's only natural that his children will have his suit of wear.
As you know the children of a parent carry on his deeds, a true way of helping others or trying to break the loving helpless and destroy their needs.
A true son or daughter of light,will always continue to shine bright.
In the most positive and relevant ways, to show a genuine love for all with a heart soul suit wear of cares.

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