Monday, 25 July 2016

Black & White What Is the Difference?

Black white what is the difference doesn't a heart beat within?

Doesn't each individual carry a heart and the breath of life that gives them wind?

Love sees no color it only see the heart Yes! The mechanism of body where true wares will part.

A contruse of difference is around but by no means should anyone let it effect their thinking of truthful heart ways of themselves as to let it get them down.

Racism is at the table of those who is ignorant to the fact, that mankind is the same its just that true Love some of them lack.

No color can change mankind's habitorial thinking of how they know they should present themselves in a truthful way of heart.

No bias ignorant individuals can stop them in life from taking part.

The diverse of individuals that try to put a mandate on movement of individuals of what they call different color is just ignorance displayed,and they really need to know the true Loving way.

Anyone can excel its just their motives of what and how they want to present themselves in life.

How far they want to go if they want to settle down get a family with a husband or wife.

Some want to do more and some less,some want to cut corners and some want to go the true straight and narrow way and do everything at their best.

Any individual that have his or her heart set on achieving what they have to achieve to help themselves in a meaningful way will get there .

And no one can stop them if they are flowing with a truthful heart of wares no matter what any ignorant individual try to do or say.

Racism is used by individuals who try to control others but in days of today its not possible that is why an awakening was called.

To show up the errors of ways and break them off once and for all.

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