Saturday, 6 August 2016

Energies Unwind

We see it we feel it and we know that it is there but what does it carry ? The Sun!

The sun is made up of high pollutants thermometers of high velocity matured internal elements of combustion, it is a global energy of follicles.

Plasma rays are very strong and can damage mankind and their elementary earthly core.

Plasma is the extremities of the sun's elecsalites that carry powerful follicles and mechanisms of energy.

Alien entities use this power as a booster as energy for their fast ships that helps them accelerate at tremendous speeds of hydrometry .

Plasma can and is harvested daily from the sun as it has a built up core of sufficient matter that carries exhibitoral tenantry.

Yes! Beings of alien entities live inside the Sun's core and some play homage to its region as they enter its mass of energy for fueling.

The putter layer of plasma rays is harvested daily by traveling alien entities looking to refuel the engines of their crafts.

The sun is like an outer space gas station where these alien entities pull up for a quick refueling.


Lightning rays hold beneficial resources for alien entities as the sparks of the lightning bolts are harvested to produce an array of mechanical purposes that heighten conducts of mechanisms and ironactic materials based on their ships core.

 The lightning flash also allows the ships to gravitate to its invisible shield like state and enables ships to change dormitory of shapes and lucent wears.

Theses alien entities that live within the sun's core carry the same burning effect of the sun and when they make themselves invisible to humans the individual will feel the same burning sun's rays effect on their skin but without the sun only the entities that is present baring their habitat's state of wares.

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