Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Blessings is not wishes

No one is lucky everyone is blessed if you will notice you would realize that you are not going to see a lamp or bottle with a genie that wears a turban on his head.

You must realize that you are blessed by your Creator and Father always when you go out and come in, with the precious breath to live as you walk your pathway to always win.

You know! I hear a lot of individuals talk about luck! And it's kind of rude its like giving your Creator and Father from your hand in his face an insulting slap.

Luck is about charms luck is about magic, luck is about wishes and Creator Father God is never in it.

Hoping and wishing is two different things, hope is not wishing on the imaginary of evil things or with the evil of darkness with magic that has a wand or some entities with crooked wings.

Hope is to persevere hope is a faith of way you know deep inside of things that will come, and you will wait patiently for the time to see some.

Wishing is a thing that I never do because to me it does not seem like Father or a true way that he would do.

Wishing comes with magic and by now we should all know where magic comes from, blessings are pleasing and are also the breath of life that we all have.

We should always know that we are blessed to be alive to see a new day, not lucky to be around hey! It's not a game like what is in an arcade with some buttons to play.

Blessings is a true way and I will tell you,  that blessing is made for each and every one of you.

So this wishing or being lucky I hope you know that some individuals are really contradicting themselves because of this wishing or being a lucky title, by the way, is really a false kind of way.

You see! you can not base your life on a false luck, you just can not go through life as you put a bullseye every day on your back.

You are always blessed and you should know by now as you opened your eyes each and every day to see, and that magic has no place as blessings are created with and for all of thee.

So the next time you think about making a wish, think wisely to know that there are no genies in bottles or lamps or in some fancy dish.

Think of your words and understand them well, think of your Creator Father God the one you should be saying thank you to instead of looking for a hole with water that you call a wishing well.

Always have and keep the true faith and hope for more blessings to come, a way that Father helps us with his loving heart of hands.

So I hope that by now everyone understands and realized that blessings do not come from wishes blessings are Father Creator God's true way, that is there to help each and every one of you out always on your pathways.  :)

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