Saturday, 25 February 2017

Top Priority TRUTHS.

Some individuals don't like truths because they hate change they just want to continue in their own false devious selfish ways.

When will some individuals see and understand what is really happening, when good aspects of ways they are refusing and bad ways they are embracing.

Truths are full on their faces and some seem to be lost cases as they seem don't want to understand that a truthful way will help them and lead them carefully by hand.

The truth is a tangible tool and if used daily it can get a lot done, but some individuals on hearing truths get upset and to a false way they seemed to always run.

Blinded by a false way that is what I see when individuals can call you,  out for speaking truths because you don't identify the bad things that they do.

When will this ignorant false delusional way ever end to put a stop to the ignorance that is displayed daily with much deception?

Truths hurt and when It is served on a golden platter the light will shine in the dark places to pull out the dark elements that hide in cracks of crevices.

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