Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Harmful Drugs-WHY TAKE THEM?

With millions of individuals dying off at an alarming rate, millions more going into mental facilities and millions more walking around like the walking dead of zombies.

And all anyone have to do is look at the individual's eyes, teeth face and nails and they will see the destruction of the drug's storytale.

Cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, khat, LSD, Speed, heroin, tobacco, k2 etc all death drugs and all that they do is robbed individuals of everything they have and makes them loose the ones their love.

Why are so many individuals ignorant to the fact that drugs do not benefit them in any way, all they do is harm their mental, physical and spiritual state at each intake?

The foolish thinking that they may have that may have been introduced by someone, a family member or acquaintance.

Individuals need to adapt to a true way of understanding and see that those drugs are a not a good true way.

Why take those harmful drugs to numb your body of pain, or to just party hard with crazy people that act so insane.

Those harmful drugs are only destroying your bodies as they steal from individuals their mobility.

It sets them up to hurt themselves or somebody and the drugs just make them look so old, just look at the drug addicts young in age but looking like one hundred years old.

Why take those harmful drugs when all they do is just put individuals in a state of ignorancy, a state of bewilderment a state that they can not help themselves or anybody.

Why take those harmful drugs when all they do is make everyone weak, they just robbed individuals of their mentality, their worth and their families.

Why take those harmful drugs when the effects are all over the place as each minute of the day you can see someone that has addictive ways.

You can not but noticed how the drug addicts walk around like the walking dead all around the place, with a look of torture all across their face.

Harmful drugs have some individuals going to the extreme of going wildly insane, and the thing is that no bills, problems or stress gave them the drugs it's themselves they have to blame.

Instead of trying to numb yourself of pain, why not try a strong positive power of will to gain, instead of getting weak and deliberately turning yourself insane.

Look around at the individuals that have fallen into drugs hands, they walk around so motionless and some strip naked like no one has noticed.

The ignorance of mentalities I just can not believe, that are all over the world individuals know the effects of drugs but yet some are willing to take some turns.

And leaders of government are freely distributing weed, instead of helping individuals of the addiction that has them on fallen stranded knees.

Can't the leaders see how after years of usage how individuals start looking like dried up weed?

Are they so blind? Or is it that they are just turing an eye at what is the truth because their agenda is to also destroy you?

As most of them are so corrupt they sell harmful drugs to see how much finances they can pocket.

I just don't know what to say because it just doesn't make any sense, why would individual's go and just hurt themselves like that, by using harmful drugs that give some an instant heart attack.

All these harmful drugs do is put individuals on a high and being high does not make bills or problems go away, taking drugs do not solve problems they just create more of them each day.

Drugs can not make you look beautiful, handsome or sweet, all harmful drugs do is erode your body and rotten out your teeth.

Tabacco and alcohol are known as harmful to your health, and body but yet cigarettes liquors are being displayed on nearly every store top of shelves.

Why the ignorant ways, why can't there be individuals to put the right measures in place and do something about these harmful drugs all over the place?

How much more have to die, how many more days of the false guiding of lies?

Why can't some individuals see the delusion, of those drugs that are so harmful?

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