Thursday, 26 May 2016

Can You Recognize The Addictions And Distraction By Technologies Wares?

New Tech Distracting Ways

With this new technology of way Yes! There is a need for individuals to take heed and great care, as the smarter the technology the dumber individuals seemed to act, as some used these devices without looking up around or back.
It seems that since the new technology arrived individuals can not look at you in your eyes , as their heads are always bow in an unaware manner, and with such rude motives that some of them display, talking on the phone and still want to send conversation your way.
You know? This technology is really being misused, as some individuals are addicted to it and act so differently sometimes even confused.
I wonder if some really know what is going on as it's craziness of tech and individuals need to give themselves a check.
Individuals try to learn proper English language and now this new technology of ways has the English language broken up in weird useless ways.
That does not identify the words that to you others are saying as the English words now has different pronunciation and meaning.
So what is it? And has anyone not noticed the new technology of wares that has some individuals moving so motionless?
Recognizing Addiction And Distraction By Technology's of Wares.
1) Do you find yourself not able to do without the device?
2) Do you carry it to Sleep,eat,shower or to used the bathroom etc?
3) Do you ignore as not to communicate with anyone while on your device?
4) Are you so caught up in your device that you can not hear what others say to you?
5) Are you aware of your surroundings while you are on your device?
6) Do you constantly walk around texting without even checking your surroundings?
7) Do you throw tantrums when something goes wrong with your device?
8)Do you get Mood swings while using your device?
9) Do you get lazy while using your device as not wanting to do anything but use your device?
10) Do you spend hours a day on your device?
11) Do you ever have communication in speech with family at home etc without your device present?
12) You dissolve in another world while on your device?
13) Do you walk around with your device in your hand unable to put it down?
12) Do you snap at others for troubling your device?
How you can examined these ways.
Well if you can check off five or more of these you my friend have an addiction that you need to check.
And my prognosis for this is Technology Addiction Yes! Just like the other addictions but with tech.
A robotic way that carries much unawares from the devices that you look and text into that has some individuals with the bowing of heads and necks.

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