Saturday, 14 May 2016

How Fame Can Do The Making And Breaking Of Way.

As an individual amongst a society in this world, as I sat back and watch the wayward way of wayward changing that some individuals etc are using to change mankind.
I’m directing this article to the artiste of crowds, artiste etc who entertain in the music, film industry and other. 
I always say; "Hollywood Will Make You And Break You! Yes!

Through the years I've seen it all happened to numerous individuals, artiste on the music and acting side.
The fame and fortune and it's much deception of ways that is all about making money and for the artiste they have no care.
I watched as individuals enter with the innocence of beings and look and within a few months years etc they are a former shell of themselves.
As no longer do they carry the innocent look but are dress with a wild world's appearance in ways.
And most of them end up confused abused and bewildered as they get trapped in the wayward ways of world fame idolism way.
The pressure the pride the manipulation and the lies are packaged in one and given to them as a frame to put on their walls.

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