Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Why All The Hardness Of Hearts?

I already know the reason for this way,but I'm still going to write about it anyway.
As I just want others to know this hardness of hearts that some individuals are travelling with on passages they go.

So I will continue to write this article as to show it up to individuals that want to help as about this condition some may not know.
Some men and women I have met Yes! I've met them all, they go through life with a steel of hard heart's walls.
Moving around in a motionless rage,from some individual or other that to them never showed care.
With the look of distant souls when you look in their eyes, with strong stares of motionless movements and sometimes you might even asked them if they are still among the living Yes! Alive!
And you know what? It does not take a genius to see and know that something is wrong with some of these individuals that has this condition,.

As all it takes is a hand to help them a strong heart of soul with and of compassion.
And I want these individuals to understand,that the way you present yourself is so noticeable by some individuals among man.
As this is the new dimensional of way, and anyone with great discerning can pick up your wayward ways.
Yes! The hardness of hearts that some continue to carry,the Love that always seems to be voided, the lifeless faces of body that some of you carry.
The need to get true Love that speaks deep from a voice within, so sweetly softly loud with the trueness of voice that sings.
 You see the feel of the ways you're  not speaking, with emotions so blunt  and and care seems to be always missing.
With faces like dark clouds, that speak nothing now.
Only the feel of your ways, that you carry with no understanding of the days.

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