Tuesday, 20 September 2016

This Cloning False Frankenstein Mad Scientist Kind Of Way.

It's been over twenty something years or more since cloning dolly the sheep opened the false way.

After cloning Dolly the sheep, the cloning procedures was put into a maximum reproduction manufacturing plan.

The procedures were up for big stakes and many individuals like everything else was on a long waiting list.

To have real like size doll not to put on a shelf , but for scientists to lubricate and monitor them well.

Imagine having five of you that can walk around, and the real you can relax somewhere miles out of your hometown.

Five of you being seen daily and with each viewing makes individuals guess, when the real you is put up getting refuel as your clones continue to go north, East, South and West.

Some individuals have many one ,two ,three or four, that walk around in public or stay hidden behind scientific combination sealed doors.

It started as a secret test as everything else that seemed to be done in the secret labs always somehow stays secret I hope that everyone has realized by now.

When Wilmut confirmed that he had a secret to share well ! All I can say is that the secret is still a secret as all the cloned individuals are secretly being hidden away.

Imagine birthing from DNA instead of the natural way of a male sperm and female egg, this is a Frankenstein way and the secrets will always be hidden away in some laboratory after you have gone to bed.

Hmm! It does'not feel very trusting and you know what? It isn't real,only individuals that are born as twins or other should have someone looking like themselves walking in their pathway.

Think about and ask yourselves these questions, was the cloning of dolly the sheep beneficial ,did anyone produced a massive amount of sheep for food to help an ailing country out of hunger's way? Still, this cloning should never be happening.

Individuals should never be tampering with God's creations there is only one Great Awesome and Might Creator anyone else will be just mere false impersonators.

You see you can not produce a soul, that is the essence that makes a body always whole.

So all this is happening is a Frankenstein mad scientists kind of way, that will only produce loads of bad products that will eventually worsen day by day.

It started out as a test, and as always some individual thought of dollar signs Yes! A big bank account someplace north east south or west.

An experimental test that went into full secret production for individuals was all ready,they just wanted to clone anyone the ones that came with the right bank accounts full of money.

The individuals that wanted to sometimes hide and from a public get away to get the drama out of their life head of hair.

Some opted out of this cloning Frankenstein method and decided to just do the disappearing act and leave a false death record so that individuals will get out of their life and drama can get off their backs.

You know what? Cloning wasn't just for sheep,this cloning business went very deep.

Individuals and scientists were seeing dollar signs others were seeing a new secret way to get away to have private enjoyable days.

It was never about the sheep ,it wasn't about raising massive amounts to feed the hungry and give them food to eat.

It was always about the individuals that have big money pockets to pay, never about helping the poor and hungry to get them help along the way.

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