Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Why Do Some Indiviual's Text Reply Etc Take So Long ?

You know earlier this morning this is what I woke up to, this text conversation of a way with questions and answers being thrown out of context.

My thing is! And I know that also individuals out there find the long waiting aspect of a reply text could be quite annoying and time wasting.

I don't like phones that much as I never liked the idea of all the chatter :))

Anyway back to the point! I'm an individual who is very straight forward, I like to say what is in my heart not my mind as the mind can be easily manipulated if you get what I mean and if you don't well that is another area for discussion.

First off when anyone calls me by phone and they are talking to someone in the background and do not address themselves to the call I basically hang up after I make myself known without getting a response from the individual on the other end.

When anyone texted me and I have to be the only person texting as in replying as I carry the conversation to and fro, well that's the time for me to just find something else to do and discontinue the call with 'Bye I'll text you sometime".

I should not be in a conversation with someone whether it's a phone call or text and have to be the messenger, speaker, and interpreter, what sense is it to the conversation as it should be a two-way conversation, not a one-way one confusion.

And then there is the long wait between each text, hey what's really up with that, Why the long wait for a reply?

It is just annoying these new ways and methods that have some individuals all caught up.

Why do some individuals text someone and don't know what to say, or you're going to fall asleep on the call or even worst, you forget that you were talking to someone? Seriously?

This one really takes the cake, texting someone and just forget you were talking to them hmm!

Some individuals will call me rude well I speak truth, this is just an ignorant way, and when I see this kind of conversations I just get out of the way.

Another one I see happening often that I find really rude and this is where the context of rude should really come in :) and that is individuals doing business and texting away just ignoring the person that is addressing or trying to assist them.

This one I never do as when someone come to do business with me and I don't have their attention I always tell them to get back to me when they are ready for service and it's not being rude it's just me justifying my way of doing things with the right procedures.

You know! I was told that I can not take criticism but I had to tell the individual never to get mix up with the meaning of the two words.

Criticism and directions are two different words with different meanings.

I don't criticize and I don't allow criticism
I allow inspiration motivation love and growth.

Criticism weakens the core, and anything that can not help build me I reject just as simple as that criticism is not a builder but a breaker and I'm not broken nor do I want to be weakened or broken and I'm not in for any weakening but building.

Directing someone to do better that's direction and motivation and that I understand.

 Criticizing someone to break them to do nothing but deteriorate by not compelling themselves to go on to do better or go further because of being criticized that is not right.

As I said I do the direction motivation course and anyone who understands what it means will know and understand what I'm saying.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Harmful Drugs-WHY TAKE THEM?

With millions of individuals dying off at an alarming rate, millions more going into mental facilities and millions more walking around like the walking dead of zombies.

And all anyone have to do is look at the individual's eyes, teeth face and nails and they will see the destruction of the drug's storytale.

Cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, khat, LSD, Speed, heroin, tobacco, k2 etc all death drugs and all that they do is robbed individuals of everything they have and makes them loose the ones their love.

Why are so many individuals ignorant to the fact that drugs do not benefit them in any way, all they do is harm their mental, physical and spiritual state at each intake?

The foolish thinking that they may have that may have been introduced by someone, a family member or acquaintance.

Individuals need to adapt to a true way of understanding and see that those drugs are a not a good true way.

Why take those harmful drugs to numb your body of pain, or to just party hard with crazy people that act so insane.

Those harmful drugs are only destroying your bodies as they steal from individuals their mobility.

It sets them up to hurt themselves or somebody and the drugs just make them look so old, just look at the drug addicts young in age but looking like one hundred years old.

Why take those harmful drugs when all they do is just put individuals in a state of ignorancy, a state of bewilderment a state that they can not help themselves or anybody.

Why take those harmful drugs when all they do is make everyone weak, they just robbed individuals of their mentality, their worth and their families.

Why take those harmful drugs when the effects are all over the place as each minute of the day you can see someone that has addictive ways.

You can not but noticed how the drug addicts walk around like the walking dead all around the place, with a look of torture all across their face.

Harmful drugs have some individuals going to the extreme of going wildly insane, and the thing is that no bills, problems or stress gave them the drugs it's themselves they have to blame.

Instead of trying to numb yourself of pain, why not try a strong positive power of will to gain, instead of getting weak and deliberately turning yourself insane.

Look around at the individuals that have fallen into drugs hands, they walk around so motionless and some strip naked like no one has noticed.

The ignorance of mentalities I just can not believe, that are all over the world individuals know the effects of drugs but yet some are willing to take some turns.

And leaders of government are freely distributing weed, instead of helping individuals of the addiction that has them on fallen stranded knees.

Can't the leaders see how after years of usage how individuals start looking like dried up weed?

Are they so blind? Or is it that they are just turing an eye at what is the truth because their agenda is to also destroy you?

As most of them are so corrupt they sell harmful drugs to see how much finances they can pocket.

I just don't know what to say because it just doesn't make any sense, why would individual's go and just hurt themselves like that, by using harmful drugs that give some an instant heart attack.

All these harmful drugs do is put individuals on a high and being high does not make bills or problems go away, taking drugs do not solve problems they just create more of them each day.

Drugs can not make you look beautiful, handsome or sweet, all harmful drugs do is erode your body and rotten out your teeth.

Tabacco and alcohol are known as harmful to your health, and body but yet cigarettes liquors are being displayed on nearly every store top of shelves.

Why the ignorant ways, why can't there be individuals to put the right measures in place and do something about these harmful drugs all over the place?

How much more have to die, how many more days of the false guiding of lies?

Why can't some individuals see the delusion, of those drugs that are so harmful?

Friday, 3 March 2017

Businesses Why So Low Hourly Pay?-Thinking Dollars Or Cents? #GetSense

In an arena of businesses all over the world you will find businesses at every corner of town or other and when you see businesses you will definitely see employees of staff.

Some who are adequate, responsible and hardworking while others are slow, lazy, waste much time, not doing nothing but talking and texting.

Dollars Or Cents? -#GetSense

And all those of hardworking ways, why do they have to carry home every day, week or month a low hourly pay of salary for hard working days as they continue to get a small pay of salary per hour each day?

Why is the hourly rate pf payment so low, when most of the employee have to catch two sets of vehicles to get around as they go, up down to and fro?

As half their salary is almost gone from traveling out of what from you, they are owed.

Everything in business is evolving and some hourly salaries still remain the same.

This is bare slavery with much greed of selfishness on some employers part and Yes! A real shame.

Businesses are making thousands of dollars each day but yet they complain and always say that they are not making anything, and try to come up with unusual ways of planning.

Just to keep individual's salary low, and the rest of the money for the employer will go to self or a bank account over some other shore.

Why can't some employers look and see the hard work that some individuals put in, and stop focusing on keeping low payment on employees it is a greedy and selfish sin.

In these days of some individuals having so much to do each of them tries day by day to help their families and themselves out, and Yes! Being employed and independent is always a good way to start out.

But at some businesses, the low hourly rate of pay can not do much for a hard working man or woman that has a family, or a young man or woman that want to continue their education with studies.

$6. 00-$8. 00 an hour for some individuals can not make it, and most of the time before they get their salary in hand it's gone and they can not even save it.

These kinds of salaries in these days can not feed a family when bills have to pay, food needs to be bought to feed each one day by day.

And what about the transportation that some have to get a train, bus, or cabbie and with all the traveling they really need a higher salary.

Business owners really need to consider some of these hourly rates of salaries, that they are giving some of their best hard working employees.

Think about the hard work they do, to help your business achieve and grow as it gets through.

Think about the distance some go, to get to work for an early show.

Think about the husbands, families, and wives that some individuals work for, think about the low hourly salaries that they work hard for every day and you will see that it does not represent or show how they work hard hourly.

Leaders of man's laws always talking about raising this and that, and yet no one is talking about raising individual's salaries, they are raising aspects of ways with procedures that never help anybody.

Imagine matured men and women going home with kid's salary, wages of pay that just looks like it could just buy sweets and candy for everybody.


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Top Priority TRUTHS.

Some individuals don't like truths because they hate change they just want to continue in their own false devious selfish ways.

When will some individuals see and understand what is really happening, when good aspects of ways they are refusing and bad ways they are embracing.

Truths are full on their faces and some seem to be lost cases as they seem don't want to understand that a truthful way will help them and lead them carefully by hand.

The truth is a tangible tool and if used daily it can get a lot done, but some individuals on hearing truths get upset and to a false way they seemed to always run.

Blinded by a false way that is what I see when individuals can call you,  out for speaking truths because you don't identify the bad things that they do.

When will this ignorant false delusional way ever end to put a stop to the ignorance that is displayed daily with much deception?

Truths hurt and when It is served on a golden platter the light will shine in the dark places to pull out the dark elements that hide in cracks of crevices.

Monday, 6 February 2017


Everyone has freedom of speech, and it should be used widely and wisely to help individuals out there Yes! With voices that teach.

But with this trolling effect, all I can see is devious individuals that try to get someone afraid to stop the good that they are doing get distracted or upset.

Opinion is a directional feed to answering, and trolling will live up to its name as it comes with devious intentions that only want to bring to individuals distraction fear and insult with shame

Do not feed the trolls, just shut them up and let them go.

You know ignorance is always ignorant, why display it to a truthful heart?

As all it's going to do is show your trolling is embedded with much goat parts :))

The trolling effect, some people like to used to get individuals all upset.

And it's not necessary for a way that shows the truth of meaningful care of ways.

We all know ignorant and Yes! Ignorance always like to display it's ways, as some say things without understanding just with cold hearts that is tainted and never show a sign of care.

And in situations of individuals that is always trying to do good, it's always these trolls devious with mouthfuls of mud.

Why do they always like to display their ignorant part? Or it just to show that they have a cold tainted dark heart.

Any individual doing good in meaningful ways is only showing true hearts of light that authenticly care.

And when I look around and see these trolls of devious voices, they are always up to no good as they interrupt to cause ignorant noises.

It just shows me that something good is being done, and these trolling individuals are just tools of deviance that is pushed by a button to get a tongue run.

To try to manipulate a good way in the stand, but you know what? They can not when your standing is secure by the Sovereignty of hands.

And they are always thinking but what they don't know is next to them little devious entities are flying.

Just talking in their ears and mind, to make them think ignorance all the time.

Just saying words to them, to make them say ignorant things all the time.

You see when they come to me I don't even stupse, as I just do an intercession of a powerful rebuke.

Just little devious voices with ignorant minds, that is trying to offset individuals that are doing good with their dark deviousness all the time.

Trolling and never knowing just being pushed with ignorances that are always showing.

And the thing is that whenever these trolls show up you can feel the slimy tainted mud they crawl in that will make you want to throw up.

And they are always trying to offset individuals good ways by showing off their dark hearts that have no carrying of lighted ways.

Is a sign needed "No Trolling allowed?Just to shut up the ignorance that spills from a Troller's mouth?

A sign to put in place, when a tainted heart troller tries to invade your way.