Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Man made Wear to Tear.

You know the loniest place that one can find oneself is in a place of not being comfortable in one's own skin.   -Marcelle Hinkson 
This is a very serious matter and I hope mankind takes it to heart.
"It's like putting new wine into old wine skins and someday it's going to be ruined and burst the skin"
Is it worth it,the intrusion of body and the health risk?
Why changed your appearance when your blue print remains the same?
As it's just a deceiving and delusional game.
Millions of individuals each year go under the knife and other with cosmetic procedures to enhanced and repositioned parts of themselves.
Take no offense but doing a procedure for a way that's not accruable is a lie.
For accidental and deformity some procedures will pass.
But when individuals try to enhanced themselves by modified wear, with elements that wouldn't last is a caused for concern, because it's not the bodies that they were made of to be worn.
Why do it? This repulsive act? Why changed the outside when the true essence of yourself remains the same ,is it profitable on the outside when the inside needs the change?
So much mind manipulation is running wild on this earthly realm among societies of individuals called mankind.
With a diversion of changes just making themselves humanoid.
As humanoids are embedded with fakeness as to look human.- Marcelle Hinkson.
You know mankind's looking for a machinery of man but what consist of humanoid is displayed daily as these individuals parade false body parts.
Parts that are embedded to the maximum, superficial wear that have much harm, disruption and a time to tear.
Just making themselves time bombs to go off at any course of time.
It's not human and the way some are looking as they features are changing and what's left of themselves are slipping into the oblivion.
Humanoids of pride with a body of manufacturing wear ,with lies a device that helps mankind destroy themselves.
Yes! A manipulating weapon placed in their minds and hands.
Individuals are just putting barriers on themselves instead of setting themselves free.

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