Wednesday, 9 March 2016


It's not about the clothes you wear , the materialistic things of this world or the consistency of a new look.
It's about "Self Value" and "Worth" gaining a true standing ground on a truthful turf and doing what you must.
It's about involvement in core with empowering messages you borne to help put a stranded individual back on his or her feet.
"Authenticity " is what's needed much in this earthly realm of today,as to much of mankind is being channeled and manipulated away.
To superficial ways of world, making themselves girls into boys  and boys into girls and disrupting the human genes, this is urgent with much concern as there is a need.
This is a disruptive way with elements and entities that don't care about mankind or what they are worth,they are just here to try to remove ,destroy and disrupt mankind from this earth.
Mankind's to blind by the false works of this world and have fallen into a conscious sleep ,dead to the body ,heart and mind and moving on human feet.
The Authenticity of this world must be shown up as to let mankind opened their eyes to look and see the disruptions that's among them in this place.
As to start the works of "Self" and for everyone to look within and aligned themselves not with "World" but "WORTH".

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