It's degrading,embarrassing,disrespectful,repulsive and scandalous,the way some individuals in society are introducing themselves on media pages and for what?fortune,respect,admiration or Top ratings?
How often are we going to see these individuals parade like peacocks in next to nothing or nothing at all,has the method of playboy magazine now evolved onto internet profiles etc?
Why are so many naked?Why? Is there no values or respect in these people?
Is this the way to bring up the next generation?Is this the way to empower them?
Is this right?definitely not!Why should everyone have to see and know what your body looks like unveiled,don't these people respect their other,their families,friends or children?
Why does every individual that is caught up in this crazy living frenzy has to be following some ignorant person or they ways to do more craziness?
Are they no more leaders who will direct right and not wrong?Googd and not bad?light and not dark?
You know people look at terrorist blowing up here and there and killing the innocent.
Yes that is evil but evil is also what these individuals are doing,killing the minds and eyes of the innocent by parading naked in front of the world.
Doing drugs in front of the world,having sex,orgies and doing every disgusting evil work of the enemy by promoting his ways.
And who is gullible?The innocent,the ones that don't know any better,the youth,the ones who looks up to these people as idols,which in fact most of them are devil worshipers,his agents doing ,living and sharing his evil manipulating ways.
Some who alter they God given bodies to look perfect,when really and truly they are not,because no one is ever perfect but God the Father ,God the Son,and God the Holy Spirit.
These people will always try to do more and more enhancements,and they will get less and less of themselves,because they are trying to change the outside but the inside is still the same.
They are being used by the enemy to try to change what God has created,and they end up destroying themselves , and they looks.
And you know what,it's what the enemy wanted in the first place,and all you would hear from others is that the person deserves it,they will be no pity on they part.Can't people see what is going on?
Or is it that "They have eyes but they can not see and ears that can not hear"?The way I see it mankind seem to be going all out to help themselves destroy themselves basically.
It seems to me that these individuals always try to start some kind of evil trend,and believe you me.
It's best to be a leader of good than a follower of bad because in the long run that leader of wrong ends up paying a big price ,and I am not talking dollars,for the wrongs that they have done.
Adam and Eve were naked in the garden of Eden because they were innocent,they knew nothing about good and evil.
After they ate the forbidden fruit they realized they were naked,and God covered them up after their sin was exposed,they were no longer innocent.
Now in this world people know what nakedness is and they cover up as God did Adam and Eve.
So why are these people still naked?God covered them up and look what is happening now,the enemy is telling them to get naked,do you see the deceiving thing that the enemy is doing?
These individuals exposed themselves to the public like it's a hobby or game some even go as far as to engage in sex and orgies and tape them to release to the public,to get what ?Nothing but degrade themselves.
You see we have a people in society who will laugh with you and tell you "Yes! You look good on the cover tape or page".
But behind your back they know for a fact that it's totally degrading but guess what they are not going to tell you to your face because that is what so called friends , the friends of the world today do right?They never tell the truth.
And now we talk Embarrassing,well it may not be embarrassing to you at this point in time but some day along the way in your life you will definitely know that it was embarrassing,just ask one of your respectable friends if you have any in your life.
Now we go to Disrespectable it will be to family,friends and a people in society who look at the human body as a vessel that should be treated with respect and dignity not a show case piece of meat to be high lighted.
Repulsive? Yes! And we are talking repulsive in the manner that we don't need to see you people naked leave it for your doctor or behind closed doors in the privacy of your home with your husbands or other.
We don't need to see what you look like we know what is fake and what is real we don't need lessons in anatomy that was already been done in school so if this is a recap or refreshers course,We don't need it!
And Scandalous it sure is going to be and if you are of the high profile type well you are  going to be aired,headlined,reviewed,gossip about,copied,pasted,poked,liked and hated you name it you will certainly get it,it will be done,as it will be scandalized all over again and again.
Is this a good method of gaining fame,fortune or popularity?Or is it a loosing one?
You know what Mankind needs to know? They need to know that the body can take what it wants to take to much and it will reject or break down,you do not control the body,but it's the body that controls you,that is how God created the body,that is how God made it to be,so don't think that you can manipulate the body to do things,replace things on the body and don't think that consequences are not avoidable,some day the seams will ripped and break and I mean literally ripped and break.
Some day the body is going to fight back for the evil that are done to it and then you will be sorry, embarrass and humiliated,and the admiration, idolism ,popularity and fame you wanted you will get,but not how you think you would have it, it will be all meaningless what you have done to your God given body.
You know what I have been asking myself?I have been asking myself where are the parents,the guardians,and the ones who are supposed to put some people on the straight path,the ones that say they care,the ones that say they love you,the ones that say they cherish you?
Don't tell me I already know!Yes! They are fake to right?And they just don't care about these individuals or what they are doing,they just want to wait and watch them fall.
Why wait for the fall when you can stop it from ever happening,so you would not hear "But you said you loved me"or" You said that you will protect me no matter what" or "You said you cared about me".
Why not stop it before it go out of hand and escalated?
Well I am a person who don't go for every "I love you" phrase,if you don't mean it don't say it because if it's not real I am going to know it's not real and Yes!I am an individual that can discern and I'm going to tell you it's not real.
And also no respectable man or woman with a good heart who says they truly love their wife, husband,friend,family etc is going to let them humiliate ,scandal,parade,embarrass,disrespect,degrade or enhance themselves,if they truly love the person for who they are,why change?Why the enhancements?Why the show casing of yourselves?
Are you people so desperate that you have to do theses things to gained your so call love?Are you people searching for love,the love that you are not getting?
Sorry to break your bubbles but I know that you people are looking the wrong places if you are using these methods I just talked about this definitely isn't love but lies and hatred!Hatred to yourselves and bodies and it's a big lie from the depths of hell.
And you know what?Mankind have a way of turning on themselves and others they tend to enjoy fake ,they like to be around fake people,but eventually some end up yearning for real ,natural people ,places and things and they go looking for and to get them,so tell me who ends up loosing in the long run?
No man or woman that says they truly love you should be telling you "OK! If it makes you feel better or happy go ahead do it or get it."
Are you feeling better when you get it or do it? Or do you just find your self craving more?
You know some day it's going to get annoying and will definitely run that person away from you,or you will run away from them.
If it was me and you asked,I would tell you that you need God in your life,God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
God is the only one who an make you whole,not fake body parts,exposure or show casing yourself naked to the public.
In the long run it's not going to be about what kind,how big or small,how pretty,good or real your body or body parts look,but it will be about the respect you show not only to others and yourself,but it will also be about the respect you gained.
So tell me! Is this show casing of one's self naked really worth it?Is it?
Well maybe one day these individuals will see that what they are doing is wrong and I pray that God will have mercy on they souls.
I pray that they will find the true authentic source of love,God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,and that they would call on the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for forgiveness,help,truth,directions and guidance,because it's only then will they be saved.