Today I'm writing about some issues that seemed to be creeping in, all these diseases and the pain and other that they bring.
CNN is quoted saying, " With uncertainty spreading as quickly as the virus itself, Hmm well this my friends is another manufactured disease that came off the scientist shelves .
"There is no vaccine to treat the infection " words from CNN as to date, another long tormenting wait.
This Zika now appears out of thin air,and now has anyone disturb as the news is making everyone well aware.
Just another laboratory disease off the flu virus to control "Birth Regiment",and did anyone noticed how with the mosquitoes these diseases are always sent ?
Yellow fever, West Nile, Chickungunya Dengue Ebola and now Zika hmm all flu viruses enhanced to impact in different ways,and scientists are just using mankind as guinea pigs of these manufactured disease  of wares.
All weapons of warfare I should have said" War fear" because that is what is going on as to control care as they try to put fear in everyone.
Zika now appears Yes! and they said that it was around for over seventy years, Wow! I wonder where it was hiding and and the luggage that it was holding as to now distribute it's wares.
My question is ,Where is the mosquitoes getting these diseases from? If scientists and government say that it comes from them, Where do they pick it up? The Areas? Solutions and When?
As we know that mosquitoes breed in water so is our water contaminated? and this of course is another way of manipulating.
You know! When one really study these weird crazy epidemic ways,it just seemed to me that it's all about pharmaceutical company's gaining and never for individuals cares.  
Just using individuals as guinea pigs and after with them trying to heal, this is some sick political agendas of greed bribery manipulation and individuals health they are trying to steal.
A disease over seventy years old and to date no one has found a cure, hmm this is so not right and it's so suspicious for sure.
I remember one late night while in bed sleeping I was just awoken as I felt in being that something was wrong, I got up and went straight to my window and looked to the sky, and what I saw made me opened my eyes wide .
I saw an inverted dark storm with a long black tunnel reaching down and these things were being distributed in the atmosphere, and that night I was so well aware.
As the next day on the island nearly everyone had ailments of Chikungunga,Strange? More like suspicious as mankind has now become lab rats.  
These diseases are being distributed in chemtrails and from planes and other in the daytime and at night when we sleep, trying to kill off hurt and damaged mankind the strong the sober and the weak. 
Now look at what they are doing trying to control birth channeling of reproduction of ways, with another manufactured disease and for the innocent babies they don't even care.
This is really sad the methods of ways that some individuals with dark cold hearts will go to,as to manufacture another strain of flu disease to try to scare and hurt you.
Very soon all this deception that is going on will come out of the dark as the light will show up all the manipulations that is going on in world,that has mankind going around in confusing twirls.
Yes! They will all get showed up by the Truth of Light, that shines brighter than the sun gives off it's light.