So much is happening in this world called earth and yes some may have noticed while others' on the other hand is caught up in the world of materialistic ways and order.
The earth's core is thinning and yes scientists around the world may or may not know the caused.
And what I can tell you is that Mother Earth as we know it is a dying planet.
What scientists must understand is that all planets die off some are reborned and some are not.
The signs of dead animals,birds and fish dying and yes seaweed washing up on shores nation wide are signs to alert mankind of earth's dying needs.
The sea weed can be used for beneficial benefits but the dying animals and others can not.
The earth's atmospherical lining is also thinning by the hour which is allowing extraterrestrial entities to gain access to earth as we know it and yes it's people.
Underwater earthquakes are hitting the richter scales by the second which shows signs of earth's magnetic disruption and tears. 
Scientists around the world seemed to be confused by such events' but it not only calls for intelligence to understand earth,it also calls for wisdom ,knowledge and understanding which few have adapted.
As there is no caused for panic as things are going to play out the way they were planned.
It's just a matter of mankind seeing the signs,know the signs and put things in order and place.