Outer space has a distribution of planets, life and entities.
Mankind has found 2% of the universal exhibitory's core.
There is so much more to see ,so much more depths to cover and so much passages to travel.
There is so much more that mankind's eyes can see but their minds would not comprehend.
Numerous planets lay within the Orion belt of constellations consisting of planetary life and being, with a multitude of differences in life ,being ,ways and appearances.
Universal bubbles are not bubbles at all but are mechanisms of entity life that's distributed in space looking for safe grounds.
Shadow people are also alien moving from planet to planet observing the energies of the inhabitants .
There are also shadow people of the sort as some individuals of dark arts manipulate their bodies to move around in the dark or other to observed individuals or to try to hurt others.
Mankind seemed so persistent in knowing what is out there ,but do they really want to know what is out there? Or what is in the earthly realm?
And that actually some of the outer space inhabitants are already here on this earthly realm.
Some individuals know and some don't know about their existence and ways of beings from other planetary worlds.
And just as mankind's description is based on nationality of birth.
So does these entities and aliens of beings, with a descriptive nature of planetary fuse,meaning their names of descriptions symbolized the planets of their inhabitory birth.
And out of all the planets in the universal realms "Earth" is far more distinguished with it's way of stationary fused and inhabitory existence, significance full resources and alignments.
Earth's inhabitants also seemed amusing to outer space beings as only mankind has a fused of extremities that's different by far than any other beings in the inner and outer worlds of regions of planetary groups.
The significance of their growth pattern and their ability to maneuver and highlight significant causes is intriguing to extraterrestrial life.
As these outer world beings see "Workmanship" as a necessity that could be gained from a collaboration between mankind and themselves.
By passing knowledge to and fro that would help and allowed other planetary systems to start to grow and exhibit an earthly feel of ground and atmospherically ways.
Mankind has to be aware also as these entities are dangerous ,some are for peace while others are for territorial take overs and bodily transfers.
Also they need to check out the eyes, the place where you can always see the deceptions of their lie.