Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Freedom of Speech.

Freedom of speech whether you are talking or going to teach, it's freedom of speech to the strong and weak.
But does everyone used it the right way, and do these individuals carry hearts that care?
Do they used it for a true cause, or they just want to put individuals in a small room with four walls?
Freedom of speech is an open voice, that shouldn't make no selfish noise. 
It's wares should be always polite,as to never want to fight.
And with no discrepancy of noise, as it should have the eloquence of voice.
Freedom of speech is here to teach others the right way to go, as words are duplicated and described for everyone to understand and know.
It's a way that others get to understand, each and every brother man.
But you must always remember to know the trust in a voice,and if it's just around to make ignorant noise.
Know the heart behind the tongue,and if there is a soul true love song.
Always understand the plight, if the voice is for peace or just war for a fight.
Yes! Freedom of Speech is here to reach and teach but some don't try to understand, when they are guided by a truthful hand.
Some run to the noise and the arrogant ways of many with a false voice.
And get stick in a web that only manipulates their heads.
I've seen so many at this task but you know what? It never last.
As the freedom of speech of their voice,was always about making a deceitful noise.
And around here it can not play, when there is True light to show up a dark way.
As the dark ways always has to go,when Truths of Light puts it on show.
To show everyone that Yes! Freedom of Speech is here to teach but it's always about the voice that one listens to.
And if it's a voice with wares and cares that will always help you?
Or if it's an arrogent voice that plays a part to try to hurt individuals with fake leaders at the realm, that want people to when they take part to control them.
So you see freedom of speech is here to teach but individuals must always understand, the man or woman that is making the stand.
And what is behind the voice,if it's an entity that wants to bring description and noise.
Conscious awareness is good tools to have,to know the rights and wrongs ,and the fake leaders singing the "I Promise to Give You! Sweet bitter songs.
Yes! The ones that tries to manipulate mankind, that has alien entities always hiding and standing sideline.
To help create they ways,so on earth they will get to stay.
To divert mankind from their place,and try to destroy them like garbage is thrown to waste.
Mankind wake up from your unconscious sleep and see the light and know why it's here, shinning brighter to light your way.

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