Wednesday, 9 March 2016

One Day of Peace?Peace or just a Teased?

UNITY-is the time when mankind aligns themselves as one and become an embodiment of love and peace in all aspects of ways with an everlasting alignment,not mankind's false ways.-(Marcelle Hinkson)
The ignorance that seemed to always display itself in societies among mankind, just seemed to be building in attitude as they get mislead all the time.
When God says "I Love You" it moves you,when man says "I love you" it just soothes you for a while.
"Peace Day has now been established in certain parts of the world and dictated by man September 21st, a day that can now be counted by hand.
Yes! One day of cease fire and everything seemed to be sweet and dandy, and each one will be in a peaceful reflective way of thinking.
This day I find to be a relevant caused as I look at it from the suffering's side, but when it comes to Politics it's just a manipulating lie,so my question is ,What about the next day and next.
Why can't there be a Peace Year as mankind now seemed to be predicting and dictating events?
Peace is a meaningful avenue of way that everyone should align with "Unity" a beneficial way of life with no war,killing,hatred or strife.
My question again is,Why one day,one day to make amends  in peace meet?
I see there are numerous days for revelry a caused that's not beneficial at all , just days of drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, gyrating bodies on display, as the most repulsive music starts to play, cussing and sex is also on the menu as individuals get they way.
There are days ,weeks,months and even years for music promotions,as concerts go on an on,going right through to midnight some never stopping until the break of dawn.
With some musician and artiste playing and singing the most inappropriate music, and the youth ,Yes! The innocent are the ones all lined up to hear it.
Our youths and the next generation ,that somehow get lost along the way.
There are much days for some holidays and more days for individuals to party themselves out.
Why just one day of peace to show kindness of actions to someone else? You know what? It's just another false manipulated and  manufactured way ,that man now wants to programs mankind,like a switch for a light bulb that gets turned of and on all the time.
As I said this is a mixed up society with much mixed up thinking and ways, with less tolerance for any notions of relevance that has a true authentic meaning for a positive caused and ways.
Imagine to get "Peace" a positive nature is one day and all the bad and negative influences of ways gets more.
Why manufacture a way that's not going to stick, it's just a calling for an audience going to a show in a big hall.
Peace should be able to stick within and Unity with kindness it will always bring, to every girl.boy,woman and man ,Yes! Individuals that's called "Your brother man."
Why call a day for "Peace when the next day and onward it's back to bad,ruthless and negative living and ways?
With treason,lies,hate, manipulation, and the disruption of many lives?
It's just a mockery this way mankind has manufactured.
As everyone is just playing a part and the next day their kind of peace always seems to depart.

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