The presence of God always keeps you calm , the presence if God will cause no harm.
When you really get to know Father God and his ways, you will know that for everyone he carries a big heart that Loves and cares.
Yes! Everyone should know by now that things are happening in this world, and some individuals are not trying to control themselves and their minds are doing some twirls.
And if you are a truthful Loving kind if woman or man that holds on tightly to God's Loving hand.
You will always carry a peaceful way, and no one or nothing will be able to put fear in you or dampen your day.
This Planet X that everyone is talking about, they say it will bring individuals to their knees, and all I can say is Seriously? Oh Please!
By now everyone should know that this earth is evolving it's alive and that is something that it was made to do, as old things go and make way for the new.
It's changing for the good and not the bad, and some individuals already know that is why they are trying to manipulate others and in other places they fight so bad.
And for all questioning this Planet X ,I will tell everyone about it in this written text.
Planet X is a constellation planet far put in space, it's devious and destructive and carries dark entities of wares.
It's planetary embodiment is embedded with dark entities of all kinds, and they always were trying at earth for a long time but could never get advantage or the time.
Mankind need not to fear this planetary system as it causes no threat the alignment of it's way is pass earth's atmosphere.
And the entities would not have anytime to employ, to hurt a man woman girl or boy.
As the aligning travel of it's way is design never to impact earth as it will always stay clear.
And as always it's fear that some individuals want to push in individuals minds ,and that is all that they are trying to do with everything they can think of all the time.
They just want to disrupt individuals thinking of life way, so that they can manipulate and deceived anyone that they please.
If you are walking with God's authentic Love and Light with this or anything else you will be fearless peaceful and always aware, of the deceptions that these individuals want to make as they try to put fear in everyone's and your way.