As innocent victims are asked to collect some kind of package pending which is by the way a bigger deception in a way to get the innocent victims money or personal information.
Ladies there are no parcels to collect no brief cases no boxes and if they are most likely they will be empty or stuff with useless effects,these are just ways to manipulate the victims thinking into the deception.
Also the way that these men are pretending to be part of the military services is appalling and unbelievable as they are pushing all kinds of photos of military staff out there to capture their innocent victims.
As they state to their victims"keep this a secret"or "Don't show anyone these photos".
Seriously? Hmm secrecy and deception? Yes both.
As any individual with brains and an eye for detail will realized off hand as to noticed how these fraudulent individuals is able to manipulate photos of the innocent that look closest to someone in a picture of their usage as to make it seemed and looked like the same individual but in different stages of their lives,events or areas.
A camouflaging of deceit in deception and it needs to be stamped out.
Also individuals need to noticed the deception of camouflaging and all the red lights that go off with these fraudulent individuals.