Space and it's surrounding planets seemed to be so intriguing to mankind as each and everyday some new planetary star seems to hit the radar.
But what is space and what is out there?What is out there is a mass of energy,of life and it's orbiting planetary features.
Scientists continues to scratch their heads as to try to figure out the authenticity of space,the galaxies,stars and life out in a vast world of extremities.
But what if there was someone with the answers?What if there was someone on earth that knows the wonders and secrets that space hides?What if?
You know to understand space and it's governing body one must have lived in it to understand it.
With black holes of deviance and the speed of light which varies depending on it's automatisms speed and clarity.
Quantum gravity seems to be a head scratcher for scientists ,but what I can say is this.
Quantum gravity is a mechanism field that makes it easy to maneuver,hover and remained stable in space.
And as far as the cosmos,the cosmos is built up of manufactured materials from orbiting planets and stars the cosmos varies in areas of view.
And for all those with the question "Is there life out therein space?Well there is a multitude of life out there in space,some here,some visiting,some in residence ,some in hiding and some now discovering Earth the blue planet.
What if someone had all the answers ?What if?