The need for a truthful ,serious,no nonsense and adherent alliance of institution is much needed to stamp out corruption in areas pending.
As corruption not only hurts businesses,revenues and other it also hurts the innocent Yes! the people of the country.
A no nonsense institute of alliance is much needed in areas of government services, public sector and other places.

These individuals get put in governmental power and don't have a clue about anything, they just get directed by so many and their hearts are never truly in it they just don't know about wining.

Or willing to help the states, Islands and counties with the people that voted for them to sit in a seat, and all that happens is the same people that got them in just constantly get mistreat. 
I've  noticed how fast government leaders tend to complain about money ,resources and revenues but are they really looking into the cause and the discrepancies pending?

No! They are just turning a blind eye on the situations for they own selfishness of gaining. 
For instance materials and other find themselves gaining entry into nations and the question I am asking is, are these materials etc being paid for and are going through the relevant procedures and hands of documentations? Or is someone's bank account being upgraded?
I don't think that some of these unquestionable materials and other fly by themselves into nations ,Do you?As someone some where has to let them in.
So why the foolish, ignorant and dumb founded way of trying, to direct the truthful aspects into something that it is not? Who are you think you are fooling ? 
I always say "Why question revenue and resources when you can question the people behind the scenes".
Revenues isn't going to grow unless there is a steady and sturdy influx of input of growth from subsidiaries pending.
There need to be someone with a keen eye for governmental issues and a heart for the people.
This leader complains and that leader complains but what are they really complaining about?
When in fact the issues of disturbances lays no other place than with them the leaders ,governments and the institutions.
Why complain? Don't you think that you should look into the matters pending instead of crying wolf? When in fact the wolf is you the leaders,governments and your institutions?

Governmental leaders complained constantly that they states don't have any money, but yet you can find them building unnecessary government buildings and buying expensive vehicles to carry they cold hearted bodies.

Why are governmental bodies selling out their states, Islands and countries, why do they build buildings of no significance when they can build to accomodate the helpless people that can not get help from any body.

The people that so ignorantly put them in high seat, to get the same ignorant treatment that continously repeat.

States, Islands and countries should not be desolate and eroding, when they have much natural resources to keep themselves up and growing.

Why take the bread out of the people's mouths and give it away, why remove the substances from the places it is meant to stay?