Based on mankind's  superficial theory of understandings ,they always seemed to gravitate to a collision of some kind.
In terms of an existing world and how it's always going to end.
Yes! the earth has a governing body and Yes! soon it will die,but the way mankind seemed always to stress over the complications is just another deceiving lie.
Earth is a re birthing planet, it's going to die and Yes! just like mankind it's going to rebirth , with alignments of coherent bodies with high dimensional understanding and ways.
I've never seen inhabitants of a planet that's always basing every event on death defying ways the way mankind does so much.
Mankind will have their chance to die but not a death put forth and portrayed by many.
Mankind's death allows them to go to a higher spectrum and realm at a place destined for them when their lives come to an end.
And the discrepancies of some with false interpretations of death during some event always shows deception and lies and everyone should by now recognized the lies.
Yes! They should see them clearly as day because "Look" mankind lived to see another day .
These individual's depictions of a catastrophic end is to always put fear in everyone ,as these individuals always used the "Fear Factor" as their standing.   
This is a new dimensional shift and mankind needs to let go of things and issues that kept them chained in bondage in so many ways.
The ones that doesn't will be stuck in their old ways, with worries,torment and much fear.
Mankind's spirit bodies needs to emerged and align with the light .
To shine forth it's illusence and shine through the dark and Yes! The darkness of the night.