Sargassum Seaweed- The multitude of it's existence has come into play on the shorelines of islands worldwide.
The mass destruction of this seaweed washing up on island's shorelines and land mass at an disturbing rate signifies an element disruption under the sea level.
An immune deficiency of the water and ocean that's killing off this seaweed at a tremendous rate.
Scientists and others are baffled and confused about this mass disposition of seaweed and they are yet to find answers about this burst of alignment of the shorelines.
And what other's are looking at and clarifying as a "Threat" could be a "Treat"for others.
We all know that seaweed has it's healthy benefits  of usage and with this mass showing up and disposition of this seaweed one can but only dip into this natural resource as to find a way to neutralized it's benefits as to gain an exposure to it's usage.
Sargassum Seaweed has benefits that can be tooled into workmanship and all it takes is a wise person with wise thinking of the sort to put this natural resource into productivity and gained access to a new fundamental resource of a natural element and it's benefits.
A "Threat or Treat" Mankind always looks at things the negative way they always seemed to adapt a negative way of thinking and a caused for everything.
And if they would sometimes look through the positive eyes of thinking they will see that Yes! Everything happens for a reason and Yes! Somethings they think as bad can be turned around to be used for good to be used to benefit others in a good way.
And as the Sargassum Seaweed episode continues a rich natural resource is being channel and thrown away because mankind is not wise enough to see the true benefits of it's cause as to understand the alignment of this natural resource on their shorelines or don't know how to put it into production usage for a cause to benefit others.
Scientists,researchers and others need to understand and know that when processed the right way Sargassum seaweed can be used as a soil filter.