All over the world millions of  Individuals are using food as a weapon and half of them don't even know that they are just setting up themselves for distraction.
 A monopoly of fast food's easy availability to all is just fuel to ignite individuals teasing taste buds.
In a world of today with individuals with a "All about me"mentality only the strong will survive.
So if individuals based their eating habits on .

(1)Not having a job.
(2) Just staying at home doing nothing.
(3) All ready over weight so what more food can do.

Well what I can tell these individuals is that" You are using food as a weapon"
 Not having a job should not be the reason for any individual to stay at home eating gaining weight then to do what stick to a chair or bed and can't move at all.
 Get up get out and go fill out applications, write cv's, research relevant entities for application distribution,just do something other than waste time over eating.
 Just staying home doing nothing ?Seriously?Hey read a book ,clean the house,get rid of the clutter or old stuff you don't need in the house,do exercises just do something other than eat your selves silly.
 Already over weight? Really? And who is the caused of this? Yes the finger is pointing at you, you over eat making yourself over weight now walking or moving around is just stressful on the body because if one had do the right thing in the beginning it would not have gotten so far.
 And adding more food to over weight spells distraction so why do it.
 Food has nutrients for the body when when food is abused it's dangerous just like any other thing.
 One should be able to eat food as it is meant to use in proportion.
 The reason for so much obese individuals in this world is that the food is available at their fingertips and they can access it where ,when and however they want.
 But the fact of the matter is that every individuals has to decide on if , how and why. 
 If it's wise to eat so much food?How it's going to leave one looking and why should one eat so much food.
 Water is the main resource for the body it always refresh and purify the body, so why plug it up eating huge amounts of unnecessary food just to make oneself immobilized?