Internet has really lived up to it's name as almost everyone seemed to be entering this portal of intriguement.
It's a basic communicating device allured by mankind as what I called "A Spectators' Device of Indulgence".
As each and every day videos are being posted by individuals as means of gimmicks,intrigue and for laughs.
But how does this justify anyone's perspective and alliance when in fact some individuals are putting themselves or others' into harms way because of curiosity's sake?
I find this an ignorant way of self defiance and only internet intrusion.
Has mankind become so gullable as to fall to the way of enjoyment by seeing their own being destroyed as a way of enlightenment?Are there no boundaries for these epic behaviors?
The indulgence of a superficial alliance that controls the tardy tendencies of individuals who post these death defying videos should be ashamed of their inhumane manner of treason.